Welcome Business Owners of Tulsa!

For many generations and for many to come, The Tulsa Advertising Federation has been providing some of the most creative and successful advertising services for local business owners all over.

As residents of Tulsa ourselves, we have a deep respect and appreciation for this amazing city and for all of the hard work that people just like you have been doing for us over the years. It is with this great respect that we utilize our skills in advertising to provide you with results that can change your entire business!

Mission Statement

The Tulsa Advertising Federation was established in 1937 and has been a strong force in the advertising industry since its inception. We recently changed our name to American Advertising Federation Tulsa to be in tune with local clubs around the country. AAF Tulsa is joined by a variety of professionals, artists, writers, account representatives, public relations people, media buyers, planners, brand managers, printers, photographers, internet developers, freelancers and entrepreneurs for the purpose of helping to maintain a thriving advertising industry within our community.

For a media community to be prosperous it is important to have vibrant local advertisers and local advertising agencies.

In order to maintain a thriving advertising community it is vital to retain and attract the kind of creative talent and strong local businesses that can contribute to maintaining a healthy economy. Tulsa is blessed with all of this, due in part, to the strength and support of AAF Tulsa.

A central function of AAF Tulsa is celebrating the highest standards of creativity in advertising through local ADDY Awards. ADDY Award winners in local competition compete in District level and finally in the National ADDY. AAF Tulsa is associated with the American Advertising Federation, a national network of 200 Ad Clubs that protect and promote the well-being of advertising. Our membership accomplishes this with programs that educate our industry on the latest trends in technology, creativity and marketing.

If our mission is interesting to you, we invite you to join us.


Home Builders Association of Tulsa, home design – “We have been in contact and doing business with The Tulsa Advertising Federation for years and have no complaints whatsoever. They are a team of professionals that are really passionate about what they do. Our business wouldn’t be the same without them.

Dillon’s Roofing of Tulsa, flat roof replacement – “We had been through a number of different advertising agencies in regards to our commercial roofing services with little to no success. We decided to go local and hired The Tulsa Advertising Federation team to take over this aspect of our marketing and within 3 months we had already almost doubled in our commercial sales. We can’t thank or recommend this agency enough.”

CollegeGrad, career adviser – “Both we, and our recent college grads, are forever grateful for the work that you have done. You have helped point many graduates who needed a little push in the right direction.”

Superior Roofing, Siding, & Gutters of Rockford, commercial flat roof replacement – “What we really loved about using [AAF Tulsa] is how much they were in contact with us every step of the way. They work directly with you and keep you up to speed the entire time they are working with you.”

Call for ADDY Entries

We can’t have an ADDY competition without your brilliant advertising work. AAF Tulsa will be accepting early applications for our 2017 ADDY entries right away this year!

ADDY Entry Day

Sunday, January 1, 2017
11 am to 1 pm

Quik Print at 66th & Lewis

If you can’t get away during the lunch hour or your entries just aren’t ready yet, we are offering pick up service from 1 pm until 4 pm that day for a $100 donation. You must call 918-629-0189 before 1:00 pm.

Your entries must be in the clear plastic bags that we provide.  Entry bags are available for pick up at two Quik Print locations: 19th & Harvard or 66th & Lewis.

Remember that your entry form (printed from the AAF website) must be visible through the front of each entry bag.  Large photographs and 3-D entries are the only exceptions to the using the bags.

Entry fees remain the same as last year at $65 per entry for members and $90 for non-members. Membership dues of $100 will be accepted at this time.